Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today I lifted weights for 30 minutes, biked 7.7 miles in 40 minutes, and hiked the New Boston trail as far as the Logan shelter, with the dogs, in 45 minutes.
I want to join the Green Mountain Club with the hope of eventually hiking the entire Long Trail & maybe someday! even working on the LT.
These are the hikes I have done since moving to Vermont in Feb of 2008, besides an assortment of shorter unnamed wanderings...
Griffith Lake (the long hike, 6 miles on way)
Prospect Rock (really beautiful, I went without a camera.)
Freedley Quarry (ah, back in the day!! camped there in the SNOW!)
Lye Brook Waterfall (first major hike to a waterfall after Cam's 2006 fall...I was alarmed the whole time)
White Rocks (never could find the ice caves...)
Whoops, I also hiked the Bald Mountain Trail with Kato (in a poor choice of footwear)...
Hapgood Pond (the loop around the pond itself) &
Rocky Pond, at Pine Hills, with Malaina... :-)
I'd like to do a lot more hiking.
The two hikes I absolutely WILL do, come hell or high water, are Deer Leap & I really want to hike clear over Mt. Aeolus, from East Dorset to Dorset, and then bike back around through Manchester to my truck, which I will have left in East Dorset.  There are a few different trails that lead over Mt. Aeolus, and, given my notoriously poor sense of direction, I will need to have a hand-held GPS before I attempt that hike.
I also want to do Mt Equinox, which I have previously done parts of...

I am a girl on the go...stoked to do EVERYTHING!!!

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