Monday, May 28, 2012

So pleased that Pippy is here and that she went to the gym with me...I realized pretty quickly that it would be quite ridiculous to compete against her.  I'll never be 23 years younger than I am.  But I can compete against myself, and keep pushing to be my own personal 44-year-old best.  In that vein, I completed 4 miles in an hour (which I think is the recommended speed for WALKING, lol). Nevertheless, there were many sprints in there and incline speed walking. So I felt pretty good.

The best part was thinking about how lucky I am to have Pip for my best friend.  So blessed that she is willing to travel hours to come spend some time with her Momma; and comparing it (ugh! can't help it!) to my relationship with my own mom, which mostly consists of eating and drinking, have to believe that I haven't failed completely. When Erin and I are together, we run, hike, kayak, and snuggle. And she's 21...that age when she's supposed to be done with me.

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