Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Disgusted. Almost a month and no change at all.  I bought  bunch of clothes at Salvation Army, the Mission & Camille's and nothing fits. Almost nothing. Argh.
What changes have I already made, what more am I willing to make, where am I failing??  What else can I do...
I drink exclusively water now. On May 7 I began running again (shuffling!) and completed 3.31 miles in an hour.  I've worked out amost every day since then, or about 5x per week, and am around 4 miles in an hour in a little under a month.
One thing I can't do is give up.
In a perfect world, I want to get down to 125# and size 5.
In an acceptable world, 160# and size 10 would make me happy and that's my goal, plus the 5 miles in an hour, by the end of August.
Someday! Tummy tuck & breast reduction.
If I can stop eating after 6pm 5 nights a week, that will be an improvement. Maybe I'll go for that for now, and dessert night will be Saturday, like at Kripalu.

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