Friday, May 11, 2012


woo first blogging experience. (my mother is an expert)

so, yesturday's run was awesome! I almost did not even go out. Standing in my closet looking in the mirror thinking "why the hell not?!"got me out the door. pushed hard and felt great afterwards. Funny thing is that today, the day after, feels better than any other day after. I love to run. Love love. Something about the repetition of my feet on hard ground + panting like a dog + sweat dripping off my face makes me feel totally strong like nothing else ever has.

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  1. yeah, it IS empowering, isn't it? I am always so impressed with myself for doing it & amazed afterward that I could. Lately it's been cool to realize that my body *remembers* how to run!
    So glad you came n posted. You rock. So proud of you.