Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Woke up early this morning.
In the dungeon I couldn't see the sun but I knew it was up so that's motivation enough to start my day.
I soon as I saw sunlight I was ready to be on the move.

I lifted weights, focused mostly on arms and abs since I can barely walk after all those squats the other day.=)
& I power walked the perimeter of the neighborhood.
All in all, again took about an hour.

Perfect timing to now get ready for work.

Also, not on the subject of fitness but I'm absolutely loving my evening, summer session class. Even though the damn things lasts nearly four hours.
Astronomy. <3.


  1. Four hours?? Holy smokes.
    In the dungeon? You slept downstairs?
    You sound really good and focused. Love that. It inspires me cuz I'm struggling right now.

  2. Im glad I can help you, because you're always inspiring me :)