Friday, June 1, 2012

Week O' Suck

Yep, that's right folks, this week was THE SUCK in terms of exercise and clean eating.
Today was supposed to be DAY ONE of being really serious (because you know, last month when I was dripping sweat increasing my miles on the treadmill, I was just kidding)...But all of my *guys* bailed on our scheduled gym trip and then DH couldn't keep up when we went hiking. {smirk}

So...I'm going to post what I plan to do for the coming week and I believe that will keep me accountable.
  • record all my food and exercise at my fitness pal. Stay at or under calorie intake with an emphasis on complex carbs and protein.
  • Sat., June 2: run 4 miles/1 hr, weight training (calves, shoulders, lats, abs).
  • Sun., June 3: run 4 miles/1 hr, weight training (bicep, tricep, abs), bike ride
  • Mon., June 4: "rest" day (so the following is for fun and sort of optional but not really:) bike, & gym with the guys,Killington Boot Camp 530pm
  • Tue., June 5: run 4 miles/1 hr, weight training (lats, pecs, abs)
  • Wed., June 6: run 4 miles/1 hr, weights (glutes, shoulders, abs), yoga with live drumming! 7pm
  • Thu., June 7: "rest" day? but that's not going to work for me, Nia dance class 530pm
  • Fri., June 8: yoga 9am; run 4 miles/1hr, weights (thighs & calves, abs, glutes)
  • ALSO any hiking I can get in with or without the dogs, and kayaking at the lake with Matt.
Swimming is now absolutely effing OUT even though I really wanted to, thanks to this lovely piece of news.

In other news, I did register for the Sunset Series today...first 5k is scheduled for Tuesday, June 12. 

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